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Investing in companies with £3m-£20m turnover and growth potential that others find difficult to value

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Let us unlock your potential together

K2 was founded to support business owners and directors who are struggling with personal and business issues whether due to the stress of work-load, the prospect of their company going bust, or simply want to move on.

We partner with you by investing our time, expertise and cash in your business to free you up to focus on your priorities, whether personal or family well-being or developing your business.

The impact of recent political and economic events has brought about significant uncertainty for businesses. It has exposed business models that may lead to the collapse of some companies and opportunities for growth in others. Our approach involves identifying options for your review.

You will want to ensure your company survives in the short term while at the same time preparing it for long term success. You might consider the benefits of inviting us to join you as your partners. We bring a proven track record of saving and successfully growing businesses.

K2's 3-Step Success-Driven Investment Process

Why struggle alone when you can partner with K2?

Board Briefings

Given the current pressure in the market you may well be facing a range of problems and issues you have not had to deal with before.

For guidance, we as investment partners have written a series of briefing papers specifically aimed at helping owners and directors.

About K2 business partners

Since 2001, we in K2 have adopted a unique approach to the turnaround of struggling businesses that involves investing our time and expertise in the future of private companies for the mutual benefit of its owners, directors and K2.

We focus on struggling companies with £3m-£20m turnover with growth potential and assets that lenders and investors find difficult to value.

With a focus on supporting owners and directors, K2 has partnered with companies that manufacture and supply house building and construction products and services; IT & technology service providers; database, branded and intellectual property businesses; and industrial manufacturers.

With a successful track record of investing in and growing a portfolio of businesses, K2 covers the UK with offices in London, Bristol, Cambridge, Horsham, Birmingham and Yorkshire.