K2 Team: Tim Meadows-Smith



Business Doctor & Profit Growth Advisor


Help for your business

  • Tim stepped in to his first turnaround eighteen years ago, a project that led to winning exporter of the year within six years. He helps struggling businesses identify clear strategies for generating cash margin from internally generated resources, to understand the marketing numbers that defeat most but propel a few to wealth. A veteran general manager from an international blue chip background, Tim applies best practice in a pragmatic way to improve cash flow, revenue and internal efficiency.
  • Tim’s driver is helping people. He quickly gains trust to restore team work where pressure has caused division and loss of effectiveness. His expert negotiating skills are deployed to startling effect in winning the support of alienated suppliers and partners to buy time and achieve agreed restructure that saves businesses. Once stable, his marketing expertise helps achieve early profit growth from simple low-cost techniques.

Track record

  • Highest Profile – Inventing the ‘ice cream for adults’ concept that revitalised the quality market in the UK, Tim developed the business plan and strategy that launched Haägen-Dazs in the UK and eight other European Countries.
  • Biggest numbers – Working at the US headquarters Tim provided sales and marketing input to the $1bn investment plan to globalise Haägen-Dazs.
  • First turnaround – Invested in and turned round a failing start up built a luxury brand sold in exclusive retailers on four continents and won Grocery Exporter of the Year.
  • Biggest investment – Attracted $8m to dot com freight exchange.
  • Highest volume – Advised and invested in multiple business start-up ventures in the UK and India.
  • Most unlikely – Turned around a now successful software development business in India.
  • Just odd – Rescued insolvent museum charity saving the exhibit collection from break-up.
  • Most satisfaction – saving a family visited by cancer from bankruptcy when the understandable lack of focus caused the family business to begin failing.


  • An eight year old Tim got his first job helping the milkman so he could pay for a birthday present for his mum. At ten he funded his first foreign holiday organised by the Anglo-Austrian Society. Whilst studying ‘A’ levels he also managed a shop. At London University he was elected a Union rep and in his first job he was promoted to manage a sales team in less than 2 years. By the age of 25 he was a National Sales Manager with a team of over 80.
  • The answer is yes, now what’s the question? Let’s make it happen.
  • Tim is still young at heart and passionate about making, even unlikely, things happen. He is an inspirational international marketer who has been leading transformation and growth in early stage and turnaround businesses for the past 20 years. He is Chairman of K2 Business Rescue.