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Time to try some creative and memorable marketing

marketing and its role in businessThere is a considerable temptation when the economic times are uncertain to cut back on any overheads a business considers “non-essential”.
Often this will include scaling back on the marketing budget. Keeping tight control of costs as part of being prepared for any eventuality may be sensible, but a business needs to consider carefully in which areas to economise.
It is actually during uncertain economic times when marketing becomes more important than ever.  If a company’s name disappears off the radar there is always a risk that clients will buy elsewhere, whether due to competitor marketing or your simply not being ‘top of mind’.
So in addition to putting extra effort into taking care of existing customers, a wise business will also put more thought and effort into its marketing and pick up customers who aren’t being looked after by their competitors.
When the atmosphere is grim and people are worried, there is also a perfect opportunity to do something innovative, perhaps introduce some humour or something that will lift the spirits if only for a moment.

Here’s an example

Most of us can relate to the irritation of being stuck in a static traffic queue especially when in a hurry. Recently I was in this situation behind a large removals van.  The company’s name was the name of its founder, let’s call him Ron Smith (not the real company name).
I was a captive audience for the quiz-style question on the back of the van:
“Who said:  “I haven’t reported my stolen credit card because whoever stole it is spending less than my wife” followed by a choice of three names, 1) Ron Smith; 2) Ilie Nastase; or 3) Joe Bloggs? Visit for the answer.”
Not only did it provide a moment’s  light relief from the tedium of being stuck in a traffic queue I remembered the name and the website and looked it up when I got to my destination, even though I am not planning a home move.
While, sadly, the second part of the web link proved to be a piece of fiction, as creative and memorable marketing it worked.
Of course, having got potential clients to your website there needs to be a reason for them to buy your products or services or at least making sure they remember you. This particular website did that by being informative and interesting, as well as being written in a friendly, welcoming and humorous manner.
Marketing does not have to be costly but it does need to be creative and memorable if you want to attract attention in the first place and get clients to remember you and come back when they are ready to buy.
Do you have any similar examples of innovative marketing?
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