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What would be on your wish list for banking reform?

A full-scale investigation into whether there is sufficient competition among banks is perhaps a step closer, though not yet a certainty, following the announcement that the CMA is to study and consult further before making a decision in September.
Quite why the CMA (Competition and Marketing Authority) needs further consultation before making the decision is a mystery when its studies so far have led to a provisional conclusion that small businesses and personal account customers have not been receiving a good service from the banks.
There has been enough evidence from the FSB and regularly released figures that small businesses have been finding it increasingly hard to access lending from the banks, that they have been mis-sold products (eg Interest Rate Hedging Products) and that the days of having a relationship with a proper bank manager who knew and understood them are long gone.
So assuming that the CMA does start a full-scale investigation in September, likely to take at least 18 months to complete, as a small business what would you like on your wish list for banking reform?