Nick Randle


A leader with a CEO Skillset

Help for your business

Nick is a banking professional whose skills and experiences were forged in difficult operating environments and crisis, solving complex problems with no clear solution. Acting decisively in the face of ambiguity, understanding the needs and motivations of stakeholders, being proactively adaptable and establishing frameworks to sustain success, Nick is adept at turning adversity into commercial advantage, delivering demonstrable results for clients and the bank.

Nick provides highly pragmatic support based on his extensive experience of how organisations function in practice and what success and failure looks like. Taking a holistic approach, Nick seeks to challenge the status quo in every facet of the organisation in order to turnaround performance and create the right foundations for long term growth. 

Track record

  • During 20 years with Natwest bank, Nick transformed an underperforming SME portfolio into one of the largest and most profitable in the UK, holding large corporate mixed sector clients including high profile household names, large infrastructure assets and international groups. This was achieved by developing a compelling client proposition that supported clients’ aspirations for growth, that created value for all stakeholders involved.
  • At its core this compelling proposition included an astute understanding of clients’ risks which enabled Nick to offer proactive support. Nick took great pride in turnarounds for the benefit of all, not just the bank.
  • Nick has played a key role in leading the turnaround of a well-known charity, which demonstrates Nick’s ability to successfully apply skills and experience in a broad range of sectors.


Understanding that success rarely lies at the end of an easy path and being willing to take counterintuitive moves to achieve success have been important factors in Nick’s achievements.

In one notable turnaround, Nick’s decisiveness and calculated risk taking not only saved a company from collapse but also protected the bank’s reputation and balance sheet. Against a backdrop of conflicted stakeholders, he reconciled a set of circumstances so incompatible that both the bank and the professional community doubted a successful outcome for all parties was possible. The company not only survived but was de-risked with a new structure and the right foundations for growth.