K2 Business Partners provides highly tailored support to you aimed at achieving a successful Turnaround or Transformation of your business and ensuring it is supported by sustainable Finance


We focus on cash as the oxygen of business: run out and a business dies; too little and a business cannot grow.

We ensure that cash is available and the finance structure is right for your business needs, whether you need cash for short-term survival, reduction in debt payments or funds for working capital and growth.

We might achieve this by releasing cash from assets, agreeing new credit terms with suppliers, standstill agreements with creditors, negotiating debt reduction or debt for equity with lenders, or raising new funds from lenders or investors.


In a crisis situation, we focus on ensuring your company’s short-term survival and viability by improving cash-flow and dealing with stakeholders including creditors and other unforeseen risks. In the early days of a Turnaround, we work with you to identify and evaluate all options available while helping release cash and raise funds as necessary for the preferred option.

Once the situation is under control, we focus on stabilising and optimising the current business, driving sustainable performance and margins improvements, while preparing the business for its next stage of growth. In such situations, we help you generate cash and raise finance for working capital.


In a stagnating business, or when its growth potential is not being achieved, we help you set a new strategic direction to fully unlock the value of your business by achieving sustainable growth and developing wealth for you as owners.

We identify the financial, strategic and operational levers that can be pulled to re-ignite growth. Working closely with you, we can help develop and implement new strategies to pursue profitable growth opportunities, which lead to tangible results in the short-term and a sustainable competitive advantage in the long-term. To support the strategy, we can also help raise funds for growth or help you realise value by evaluating exit opportunities.