K2 Business Partners follow a turnaround & transformation process that keeps you in control by providing you with the information and advice to make informed decisions

Our Approach

We only provide support for as long as you want, whether to achieve a short-term objective such as restructuring or turnaround, or longer-term goals such fund raising or transformation.

We will discuss with you any personal risks in terms of obligations, director responsibilities, loan accounts and personal guarantees. You will be able to make decisions with a full understanding of their impact on both you personally and your business.

We normally begin with an initial phone call with one of our Team to understand your requirements for finance and any problems facing your business. Following this we will give you an initial response before suggesting we meet on a no commitment basis. Our feedback will be given by an experienced Business Guide who will discuss your personal and business objectives and solutions that may be considered for achieving them. Following this we will provide a written proposal and agree terms before we focus on the agreed solutions.

Our Steps

  1. Initial phone call with one of us – see the Team page
  2. Initial consultation meeting
  3. We agree your objectives, the solutions and terms of our engagement
  4. We focus on releasing cash and raising funds for survival
  5. We focus on working capital and restructuring
  6. We focus on business model for growth
  7. We focus on raising funds and growth strategy
  8. Post-engagement review