Managing Your Bank Manager

A Directors' Guide

How important is your bank manager’s support to the stability and success of your business?

How far do you understand how your bank operates, and how it views your business?

How well do you think you manage your bank manager to ensure their continued support?

From the editor


Mark Blayney

“Business owners and directors put a lot of effort into managing their relationships with customers, suppliers and staff, all of which are seen as being crucial to a business’s success.

Yet until it’s too late, very little thought or management usually goes into one key relationship which is critical to a business’s survival: that with its bankers.”

Managing Your Bank Manager is your guide to making a success of this most critical of business relationships for you as a business owner

Showing how to make your business an attractive customer and a good lending proposition, through to how to survive when times get tough, this is your essential manual to managing your bank, before they manage you, covering:


Understanding Your Bank Manager


Bank Dos and Dont’s


Borrowing from your Bank


Bank Early Warning Systems and Business Deterioration


Intensive Care Banking


Surviving an Independent Business Review


Managing in and out of Intensive Care

From the basics of relationship management in banking, cashflow planning and small business funding, through to cash flow and business banking difficulties and managing through special situations banking this is an essential guide for business owners and directors.