K2 Turnaround is all about you. Your success. Your business.

About Us

We aim to earn your trust. Our hands-on support and approach as your partner will transform your prospects and achieve success for your business.

Over 20 years our services have evolved. Our strategic and finance solutions now cover financial restructuring, operational reorganisation, strategy and marketing, reports and cash control, stakeholder and litigation management, governance, negotiation, refinancing and fund-raising.

Since 1991, our clients have exposed us to a wide range of industries including manufacturing, services, retail, IT and electronics, importing and distribution, intellectual property, mechanical and engineering, recruitment and training, events and publishing, recycling, music production and marketing services.

Turning round and growing a business requires many skills. While there will be areas where your knowledge and experience will be greater than ours, our specialist skills and experience of business transformation will fill in the gaps to solve your one-off problems.

Our approach is to leave you and your team to run and grow the day-to-day business while we provide the additional support and services you require to achieve a successful outcome.

Why We Are Different

Non-financial goals – your personal success and self-respect are our goals;

Human impact – the personal consequences of decisions are discussed with you when considering options;

Goals – your objectives become our goals when tailoring solutions to achieve successful financial and strategic outcomes;

Client focus – you as the business owner are our client, we work for you and NOT for banks or creditors;

Roles – the most skilled and experienced person to fulfil each role is unlikely to be on your team. Our aim is to provide the right person to provide you with the right support to deliver a successful outcome;

Remuneration – your business and financial risks are shared with you and incorporated into our terms of engagement;

Referral fees – we do NOT earn fees or commission from the providers of finance or other services if we make a referral to you;

Conflict of interests – we are NOT on any bank panel and do not act as insolvency practitioners. Accordingly we have no undisclosed relationships with banks, nor any obligations to creditors.