What do businesses want after the election?

“Business is desperate for confidence, stability, investment” are what PwC’s Kevin Ellis says are most needed after the election.

Matthew Beesley, chief executive of fund manager Jupiter, believes the election offers the opportunity to “create a fresh slate and have a government with a mandate which shows in their policies they are pro-business and keen to attract capital.”

It remains to be seen whether the winner, whichever party it may be, will be able to achieve these wishes.

While more than 100 business leaders have endorsed Labour’s economic plans ahead of the election the IFS (Institute for Fiscal Studies) has warned that the next government may have to increase taxes or cut public services.

Obviously, at this stage we are hearing endless promises as each party campaigns for the vote and equally obviously the last few years have been dire for businesses, among others.

But at this stage it is impossible to say whether the outcome will be better or worse than the last few years have been.

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