Have you had management training?

A recruitment firm has surveyed more than 2000 workers and found that two-thirds of managers at British businesses were given no formal training before they took on leadership responsibilities.

As a result, many felt under-equipped for their roles especially as management these days is about more than keeping employees motivated, and now also includes “leading on digital adoption, possessing an innate ability to know if a member of their team is struggling mentally and also being the bearer of bad news.”

Yet among those surveyed it found that more than a third had asked repeatedly for formal training.

In 2023 the Chartered Institute of Management estimated that as many as 82% were so-called “accidental managers”.

Arguably, this lack of training could also be exacerbating “groupthink” at boardroom level.

The problem of groupthink was highlighted by Baroness Helena Morrissey, founder of diversity campaign group the 30% Club.

Although she did not specifically highlight the lack of training for managers she did say that groupthink is driving boardroom failures and presents a governance problem.

Are you a manager? Did you receive any formal training?

Do you think you needed or need it?

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