Toxic behaviour and divas in the workplace

There can be nothing more disruptive to a business than the behaviour of some individuals, in particular the Diva.

The Diva is identified, like most disruptive people in the workplace, by always believing they know best, that they are always right, and that they are the most charismatic and charming individual.

While they may have skills that make them stand out, this outweighed by their need for attention and praise.

Divas drain creative energy from the team and misuse their real talents for selfish ends.

To sum up, the Diva:

· Is used to getting what they want and can be highly manipulative.

· Thinks they need no guidance or management.

· Lives for drama in the workplace, so can be very negative and spread discontent.

· Is hyper-critical, sensitive and intolerant.

· Is great at what they do so resists constructive feedback.

But there are some ways to manage their behaviour.

First and foremost, you should discuss problematic behaviours immediately – before they develop into patterns.

You should also establish clear boundaries and expectations for behaviour, which include mutual respect and professionalism.

It should also be made clear that there will be consequences for disruptive behaviour and what these are.

Above all, remember that you are their leader and should lead by example.

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