What is employee engagement and why does it matter?

How often do you talk with your employees?

Do you involve them in decision-making?

Do you give them positive feedback when they have done well?

These are just a few of the aspects that make up the term employee engagement.

It isn’t just a HR catchphrase, it really matters. Engaged means people who are highly involved in, enthusiastic, and committed to their work and workplace.

Ultimately they are the people who contribute to making your business a success, driving forward productivity and increasing your profits.

Engaged and enthusiastic employees will stay in their jobs longer and are likely to also help in your efforts to recruit new staff.

Research suggest that disengaged employees can lead to a drop in morale and innovation in the workplace, and productivity and revenue overall.

So it is in your interests as a business owner to ensure they are feeling involved, rewarded and valued for their input.

Tips for keeping employees engaged include recognising they are individuals and connecting with them, encouraging them to be involved in making suggestions and in the decision-making process, offering training to help their careers to progress and giving positive feedback when they have done something well.

Above all, have rules people can believe in rather than trying to micromanage their activity to fit into some corporate ideal that makes no sense to them.

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