Take time out and breathe

Surveys reveal that 57% of small-business owners say they work six or more days each week and 62% of small-business owners say they work 50 or more hours each week.

A high percentage of small-business owners work while on their holidays, with 81% saying they made or returned business calls, and 52% initiating or answering e-mail.

Ultimately this is not good for your mental and physical health nor is it good for the health of your business.

So it is a good idea over the Christmas break to take time out to reflect, catch up with loved ones and plan ahead for the next year.

If you know you should take time out here are some things you should do:

Make sure you get enough sleep. Take some exercise. Even a stroll in the park will help declutter your brain. Eating healthily is also a must.

You should also try to switch off completely from work as it will recharge your energy and focus.

Promise yourself you will take a break from emails and social media.

It is noticeable that when people take time out properly to switch off and do something else, they often find that when they return to work they have ideas for propelling their business forward,  not to mention the energy to do so.

So we would suggest you enjoy the coming Christmas break and take time out and breathe.

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