Is using online platforms causing difficulties for your business?

The FSB says “53% of small businesses surveyed currently use an online platform, with 71% considering them “very important”.

But they are also encountering problems according to their latest research.

Among these are fake or malicious reviews, delayed payments and being delisted when similar products surfaced.

According to FSB research, “12% of people who have used an online platform in the past year reported “fake” or “malicious” reviews.

The FSB is calling on the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) to investigate the charging structures of retail platforms.

A CMA spokesperson has emphasised the importance of ensuring fair competition and consumer protection.

The FSB also called on the Government to make online fake and malicious reviews an offense and to introduce a dispute resolution procedure.

A Department for Business and Trade spokesperson said the department is “cracking down” on false reviews to protect small businesses and consumers.

“We also know late payments are a massive issue for small businesses and a barrier to growth.”

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