Protect your data and your business!

Businesses are having a tough enough time without adding to their problems.

At least 87% of small businesses have reported cyber attacks that were successful in the past year according to new research.

Some of them had been attacked more than once.

Among the latest tactics is getting someone to click on an image.

The worst kinds of attacks are malware and ransomware.

In malware malicious software invades your system and can cause all sorts of problems from slowing down your operations to stealing your data. 

Ransomware is even more pernicious. It is exactly what it sounds like.

The attacker hijacks your IT equipment, encrypts your data, making it impossible for you to access it unless you pay a ransom fee.

Among the possible explanations for this increase is the number of IT appliances people now use, from mobile phones to laptops, notepads and the like.

It is also possible that more employees are using their personal devices to access company information.

The danger signs are unexpected emails from people the recipient does not know, offers that are too good to be true, spelling and grammar mistakes and “fake” branding.

However, you can protect your business by using strong passwords that are only available to those who absolutely need them, keeping software up to date, regularly training and updating staff on cyber security and what to look out for and most importantly what NOT to do.

Systems should be regularly backed up and protected by the most up to date antivirus software.

To protect your business be cyber attack aware and security conscious.

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