Do you care about climate change?

Would you like a job that contributes to helping to improve the environment?

According to LinkedIn demand for so-called “green talent” has risen dramatically and now accounts for 33% of all job postings and demand may even be outstripping supply.

“The LinkedIn 2023 Global Green Skills Report shows that the share of green talent across 48 countries grew by an average of 12.3% between 2022 and 2023, but the proportion of job postings requiring at least one green skill was up by 22.4%. “

PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) has estimated that approximately 25% of UK workers are intending to move jobs in the next year.

But how do you gain experience needed for “green jobs” when it is a relatively new market?

According to PWC “solar consultant, energy auditor and waste management specialist are roles in the UK that are growing quickly and are less difficult to break into for those with no green experience”. 

However, you need to be clear where your interests and strengths would be most likely to be useful.

It is also a good idea to look for any funding for training and development relevant to what you hope to do.

If your current employer does not have a budget for career development in sustainability or green initiatives, perhaps you could suggest it, since ultimately it will only be beneficial to the company’s reputation.

Above all, starting conversations with colleagues and managers about the concepts of sustainability and highlighting your own areas of interest can only be good for your reputation.

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