Get the best from your marketing

At a time when business is facing considerable costs and difficulties it is more important than ever for marketing to pay its way.

It is not a time to cut back but it is essential to ensure business marketing connects with target customers and engages them.

The first step is to compile a customer profile, which defines exactly who the target audience is, everything from ages to income levels and of course their pain points.

Then, of course, businesses should avoid focussing firstly on what they can do and offer.

It is preferable to identify a customer need, or pain, and talk about that first to make a connection and engage potential customers.

Only then should the business outline what services or products it offers to meet that need.

Of course, it all needs to be well written, with no spelling mistakes or industry jargon.

If there are technical terms that are necessary, it is a good idea to also explain them in simple English.

Marketing, done correctly is an essential tool for a business, especially in hard times.

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