Businesses should be selective in adopting AI for their processes

Almost 80% of UK companies report difficulty filling jobs according to analysis by the Manpower Group.

So is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) the answer to the skills shortage?

In some instances it may be.

Examples include automating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, machine learning for data processing, and in cybersecurity in defending computer defences. AI is key to automating various routine processes in manufacturing.

Most of the above will be familiar to businesses and have already proven their worth but there is a new and much-hyped piece of AI which has been the focus of attention, and that is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot system released by OpenAI that answers any questions and can even compose poems.

It has been argued that it useful for generating creative ideas, providing summaries and writing first drafts. It can also produce large amounts of text with a quick response time, So, It can arguably automate routine tasks, provide personalised customer service and it’s particularly beneficial for those in creative roles who spend a lot of time researching and creating content.

But it must be remembered that it uses probability theory to compose its answers and it is not possible to identify all the sources from which it has derived them.

It has also been shown to make up factually inaccurate answers.

Therefore, if a piece of business writing depends on being accurate, factually correct and able to demonstrate its sources ChatGPT is not going to be useful and indeed its use may damage a business’ reputation.

Another problem that may be relevant in CRM situations that require a degree of empathy is that it doesn’t necessarily understand the nuances of conversation, which can lead to misunderstandings.

So while AI can be useful in helping a business to cope with large amounts of data, with routine operations and the like, in situations where integrity of information, trackable sources, and emotional intelligence are needed then AI such as ChatGPT is not necessarily the answer and only a human will do.

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