Director wellbeing: pay attention to your mental health

Welcome to the New Year.

We hope you all had a peaceful Christmas with time to refresh yourselves, restore a positive mindset and are now fully focused on your business after the first week in January.

It is particularly important that CEOs and directors pay attention to their mental health in times of economic stress such as are currently prevailing.

In fact, according to some experts the well-being of directors is a crucial indicator of corporate health.

How can they hope to motivate their workforce if all is not well with their own mental health?

Our recent post explores some of the issues greeting businesses in the New Year, why a motivated workforce will be essential to weathering the ongoing storms and why K2 is people-focused when we get involved in helping a business in difficulties. You can read it here.

Another post you might find useful, on the subject of mental health and the importance of having someone to talk to, is here.

We’d like to remind you that restructuring advisers, like K2 Business Partners, are very experienced in supporting, helping and understanding the worries and fears of those facing possible or potential insolvency.

The name says it all. We are your partners in times of difficulty.

It only takes one call or message to start the process.

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