We have been talking for some time about the mental health problems that might be affecting business owners and CEOs under the current stressful conditions.

Now, research by AXA UK and Ireland has found that nearly half of small business owners feel they have ‘nobody to confide in’ about their problems and the stress they are under.

This amounted to 48% of the 500 SMEs the research polled.

Claudio Gienal, chief executive officer for AXA UK and Ireland said: “It can be a very lonely place being an SME owner, which is why it is so important to ensure you can confide in someone who can relate to how you feel.”

While owners and CEOs may be reluctant to share their worries with staff, friends or family, there are people to whom they can turn.

Turnaround advisers, like K2 Business Partners, are very experienced in supporting, helping and understanding the worries and fears of those facing possible insolvency.

The name says it all. We are your partners in times of difficulty.

It only takes one call or message to start the process, but before you do, if you want to know more about how we approach turnaround and restructuring this recent post will help you.

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