County Court Judgments and how to deal with them

CCJs are generally awarded against a company as the result of the business failing to pay a bill. This is either a consequence of not being unable to pay bills due to a lack of cash, or a failure to effectively respond to a claim. 

Whatever the reason, incurring a CCJ gives rise to significant business risks which need to be addressed.

CCJs give rights to claimants that allow for an escalation of enforcement that can significantly increase pressure on a company. 

These rights include the right to appoint enforcement officers to seize goods and the right to issue a winding-up petition to close the company.

CCJs are public judgments which are closely monitored by banks, credit reference agencies, lenders and suppliers. They will therefore not only have an adverse impact on the company’s credit rating and ability to obtain credit from suppliers but are also likely to trigger a review of the account by the company’s bank or secured lenders.

Read our new Board Briefing on CCJs here:

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