Have you been tempted to cut your marketing budget during lockdowns?

Without marketing there are no leads and without leads there are no sales. It is extraordinary how often marketing budgets are cut when sales are drying up.

Do you have a joined-up marketing process? For something to happen, what needs to be done beforehand? How are enquiries generated? How are they followed up? 

Who does what? Do you have the right people? Do they have the relevant experience? Have they been trained? 

Are your marketing campaigns and initiatives proactive or reactive? 

Do you carry out market research? Do you monitor your competitors? 

While business may be at a low ebb due to the current efforts to control the spread of Coronavirus and roll out vaccines there are signs that cases of infections are beginning to reduce.

Businesses need to start preparing now for a new “normal”.

This article is an extract from our Board Briefing on sales and marketing for survival. 

You can download the sales and marketing board briefing here:


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