A 3rd generation run client operating from the retail and wholesale premises for almost 80 years and sells fresh goods to hotels and restaurants, was visited by bailiffs recently. 

It lost about 75% of its turnover in March last year when its wholesale customers closed due to lockdown. Since then, it has struggled on with its much smaller retail business.

Astonishingly, a high court enforcement officer on behalf of the local council attended the premises recently to recover an old and disputed business rates liability. No cameras were in tow although this particulate private contractor likes its status as defenders of claimants as victims.

The Enforcement Officer was adamant that they had the right to remove plant & equipment without regard for the 50+ company employees, nor for circumstances caused by Covid-10.

Intervention by the local MP was magnificent as she contacted the leader of the Council. However the Enforcement Officer was only persuaded to leave after seizing control of plant & equipment under a control agreement.

While our client survives to deal with their dispute over the claim, the whole episode had the attributes of a heist by gangsters, it was quite extraordinary.

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