New YearWe hope you are enjoying the seasonal break and that it is giving you some time to relax and prepare for the new year.
With so much to deal with when running a business, it is easy to feel out of control. The break is useful to regain a sense of calm and establish a balance so that any outstanding problems are reduced to manageable levels.
While there is a little time to think we have some suggestions for simple techniques to help you achieve calm and balance.
Remind yourself that that you can manage pressure and avoid stress by minimising negative thoughts.
By focusing on those things that you can control and being alert to the warning signs you can avoid triggering stress.
By being organised and prioritising outstanding tasks you can stay in control and manage any feelings of stress.
By completing or simply deleting outstanding tasks as unimportant, you will reduce future stress when the task list mounts up in the New Year.
It is also important to have a break from work and specifically to find a way of not thinking about work. This can be achieved by immersing yourself in sport, travel or other leisure activities, or spending time with family and friends or simply reading a book.
The secret is to feel in control of your life with a sense of calm so that you can return to work refreshed and ready for whatever the new year throws at you.
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