thank youEveryone responds well to praise and in particular it makes staff feel valued. This in turn makes them want to work for you.
Simple things like thanking someone for a job well done is important as is making a point of thanking them when they put themselves out for the business. Often managers ask staff to stay late, or to do something special on top their normal job which if recognised by a personal ‘thank you’ means they are likely to help out in the future.
Saying “thank you” is good, but writing it is much better and Christmas provides a great opportunity to write to each member of staff or at least your team members with a personal message.
We should all remember that staff mobility is an indication of how they feel about their employer.
Good employers retain good staff through respect and empathising with them; this is not simply about money.
Bad employers, end up with those members of staff who can’t get a job elsewhere.
It is not just staff who need recognition but their families as well. Get it right and partners will be supportive, even when they are put out. Get it wrong…. well?
I heard a few days ago about a recently qualified accountant with a top accounting practice who had booked and paid for his holiday but at the last minute was asked to work. No doubt the work was necessary and the demand reasonable but his partner was also affected, she went on holiday alone. The firm in question not only failed to recompense their employee but also failed to understand the anger expressed by his partner.
Corporate culture is key to motivating staff where some cultures lack empathy and even reinforce sociopathic behaviour, like some accounting firms.
Have a great Christmas, and do make a point of thanking those who you want to work for you next year. Their families will make sure they come back to work.

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