While a successful leader needs to avoid getting drawn into lengthy conversations at the start of the day, a little courtesy and respect goes a long way towards making staff feel valued.
A friendly greeting on arrival at the office is a good start. Remembering people’s names when you greet them may be a small thing but speaks volumes. It’s a matter of respect.
A greeting and a “how’s it going?” helps to gauge the mood, makes people feel valued as human beings and can motivate them to give their best.
If the response is less than enthusiastic it can signal that it is time to pay closer attention.
As part of your daily schedule you should build in some time to check in with key members of staff to ensure there are no problems brewing. Key people aren’t always the most senior members of staff.
There may be issues about a task that are making it harder for people to accomplish and it is worth remembering that they are more likely to know the details of a process than you can, or should, as their boss or manager and they may well have constructive solutions. Listen, it’s a matter of respect.
Equally if bigger problems are looming that could push the business into difficulties it is often those of your staff lower down the hierarchy who are aware of any problems first. Again, listen!
Being successful means not only prioritising time and focusing on the bigger issues and strategic picture but also showing that you care for others and value their input. It’s still all about respect.

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