Business leaders need leisure time to be truly creative

In our last blog we discussed the importance of business leaders structuring their busy working week to find time to think and reflect.
At the turn of the 20th Century Henry Ford closed his factories on Saturdays and cut daily working hours from the then standard 12 hours to eight. The result was a more efficient and productive work force.
Research shows that when we are at leisure, our brains are most active and this is often when stray thoughts or images come together in ways that result in novel ideas.
Yet despite the benefits, taking leisure and creative time is something that many CEOs of SMEs fail to do. Not being perpetually busy makes them feel guilty, but this can result in them not seeing the bigger picture, not seeing the obvious such as opportunities for their business.
However, arguably, in what is increasingly being called a knowledge economy, creativity is what will keep SMEs ahead of the competition.
Often the breakthrough to a more profitable company can come from what in hindsight is obvious or simple.
Yet how can creative ideas rise to the surface or attract the attention in a brain that is constantly too busy?
It is just as important to make time to walk on the beach, play with the kids, perhaps meditate or go for a jog as it is to be totally focused on a business.
When do you get your most creative ideas?

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