Sometimes the traditional marketing methods still work best

Businesses are constantly beset with advice and guidance about using the latest technological innovations for their marketing.
Sometimes, however, those traditional marketing methods, such as printed leaflets, letters or brochures may work just as well.
We learned of an interesting short promotion that produced spectacular results. A business looking to set up initial meetings with prospective clients sent out a personalised letter to its targets containing half of a £10 note.
If they made an appointment and kept it, they would get the other half of the note to keep. The take-up was excellent. It was a great idea for a very specific and targeted initiative.
Another example was the photocopied, somewhat crude leaflet dropped through our door that offered to shampoo the carpet of one room for fixed fee of £15. We took up the offer to do one room. They were so courteous and considerate with our furniture putting a protective insert under each chair and table leg that we asked them to clean all the other carpets. The final bill was over £200.
If the offer appeals, whether you provide a voucher or another incentive, or if your services will be needed in the future, it’s often much easier to keep printed material where it will be easy to find later. Even the fridge magnet or useful sticker can work.
What traditional campaigns have worked for you?

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