SMEs have an opportunity to outshine big business

There is a lot of scepticism and distrust among SMEs and consumers about the values and ethics of big corporations at the moment.
One of its most well known manifestations is the support for the Shop Local initiative that has been growing over the last few years.
This is the perfect time for SMEs to stand out and enhance their reputations by demonstrating what they give back to the community and outshine big business.
Often, people in SMEs just “get on with it”, whether by adopting a charity, improving work conditions in some small way, or even something as simple as giving up a couple of hours to help a young person to plan their route into work, or find out about an industry or profession that they think might appeal to them.
A new, nationwide initiative called Trading for Good has been set up to help them to publicise this. It is a non profit organisation and free to join. It offers SMEs the opportunity to register and document their good deeds. There are annual awards for five such good deeds in a year that can earn companies a badge and a certificate to display on their marketing literature.
For SMEs looking for new ways to promote themselves as more ethical and committed to their communities than some of the bigger businesses this is an initiative to consider adding to the marketing mix.

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