A global economy does not necessarily mean a homogeneous economy.
Many SMEs struggling to grow their business in the currently unstable UK market doubt whether there will be demand overseas for the goods or services they offer locally, but they could be wrong.
Former property surveyor Chris Ives, writing in the Guardian small business column, is a good example. He set up a micro brewery producing unusual beers after losing his job in the 2008 crash.
Daunted at first by the risk involved in venturing into export, by the perceived expense and by a lack of confidence he took advantage of the facilities offered by UKTI (UK Trade and Investment) and an opportunity to join trade missions run by a well-known bank.
Now he is exporting to the US, Canada and Scandinavia.
He says the keys to successful exporting for a small business depend on visiting your potential market, doing the research and meeting potential partners.
Do you know other small businesses that have made a success of exporting?

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