The news is awash with worries about a new housing bubble and the need to contain it by raising interest rates.
Although the focus of 17% increases in housing prices is mainly on London and the South East, an interest rate rise will not only affect housing costs across the UK, but all debt repayments including loans to small businesses for growth.
While the economy may be recovering there is still a risk that an interest rate rise could trigger the insolvency of many businesses that are still burdened with historical debt.
Low interest rates are keeping quite a lot of businesses afloat where some may need to consider their restructuring options before events overtake them.
Before rates rise, as they inevitably will, it makes sense for a business to take a close look at its cash flow, its business plan and its plans for growth so that it is not knocked off course.
Amid the day-to-day attention on keeping the business running smoothly and efficiently to satisfy customers, do small business owners have the capacity and the time to stand back and assess its fitness for the future?
Would it help to bring in the supportive, outside expertise of a business adviser, a fresh pair of eyes with the time to focus on what adjustments might be needed?

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