Don’t Waste Your Money Marketing

When business owners run short of cash they get desperate. They pretend nothing is wrong and often they pick up marketing ideas. These activities would have been helpful at an earlier stage. Applying them indiscriminately without understanding the context of how the concepts work as part of a strategy late in the day is disastrous.

With the help of a skilled marketer there are many things that can be done to boost sales and, more importantly, cash profits. Mostly those things are ignored or done in a way that the marketing costs exceed the short-term returns.

Again in an attempt to find new income, inexperienced networkers begin attending some the many networking meetings where the skilled networker will look for ways to understand and help the people they meet. The desperate arrive and make sales pitch after sales pitch alienating the other networkers.
If you have run out of cash and are not an expert marketer or an expert in business restructure, please seek help. The amateur in this situation will almost always make things worse where an experienced business doctor can save the business. There is almost always a better outcome for the troubled business owner than they imagine for themselves. Creative restructure can handle difficult issues including personal guarantees and lengthy lease commitments.
Restructured businesses that are no longer vulnerable financially can be made to grow in a sustainable way. There are low cost marketing techniques that attract customers, build cash margin and properly manage risk. Marketing creates real value from understanding the lifetime value of a customer and acquiring customers through investment that pays back at the rate of at least 400% over the lifetime of the relationship. There are many techniques for achieving this result none of which work properly when short of time and desperate.

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